Estate planning for the glory of God

Through faith-based estate planning and planned giving guidance, we help Tennessee Baptists and like-minded evangelicals steward well the blessings God has given them today to advance the Kingdom of God tomorrow.

We’re Called To Even Greater Things

A legacy gift of 10% written into your estate plan will sow the seeds of abundant life for the future generations
of Tennessee Baptists.

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New Bible Studies

Practical Stewardship & Lordship Generosity

Step into a life-transforming study designed to deepen your relationship with Christ through every facet of your life.

These new 6 week studies are a comprehensive guide for believers, small groups, and churches, available now. They will challenge and inspire you to surrender to Christ in your daily life, stewardship, and legacy.

Our Mission

The Tennessee Baptist Foundation exists to faithfully steward God’s resources, while striving to further God’s Kingdom.

Our Mission & Goals

7 out of 10 People Die Without an Estate Plan in Place

This means they miss the opportunity to decide what happens to their assets — to use them to bless the next generation of believers.

Through faith-based estate planning, planned giving guidance, church fund management, and more, the Tennessee Baptist Foundation helps individuals, churches, and associations build strong bridges to the future, expanding their Kingdom impact for years to come.

Not everyone with an estate has a plan. Do you?

Most people that don’t have an estate plan

  • Are too busy with their lives
  • Believe they don’t own much
  • Think it will be expensive
  • Don’t like legal documents
  • Aren’t planning to die

Biblical Stewardship

As Christians, we understand that God is the Creator and, therefor, the owner of all things. While we are on earth, we are merely managers of the things we have under our control.

Therefore Christians should plan where your assets will go after death.

Estate plans allow you to plan where your money and assets go when you no longer need them.

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About Us

The Tennessee Baptist Foundation exists to faithfully steward God’s resources, while striving to further God’s Kingdom.

Through faith-based estate planning and planned-giving guidance, the TBF helps today’s generation bless the next generation. The TBF helps our Baptist churches, associations, institutions, and like-minded evangelicals build strong bridges to the future through investment and financing services.

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Living and Leaving a Legacy

By Tod Tanner We are all going to leave a legacy. Some will leave a legacy of family values. Individuals

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As a proud partnering organization of the Tennessee Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention we extend our appreciation to all the institutions working toward our common goals.


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