What's The Study About?

Lordship Generosity

Step into a life-transforming study designed to deepen your relationship with Christ through every facet of your life.
“Lordship Generosity” is a comprehensive guide for believers, small groups, and churches, available now.

This 6-session series will challenge and inspire you to surrender to Christ in your daily life, stewardship, and legacy.

Isn’t just a book. It’s a process that could change the course of our lives and our legacy.

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Session 3
What's In The Study?

Session Overview

Join us in this enriching study and redefine what true wealth means in God’s kingdom.

Session 1 - Spending Time With Jesus

Our fast-paced world makes it difficult to have an ongoing, daily time with Jesus, but He invites us to spend time with Him where we find rest for our souls.

Session 2 - Stewarding Our Spiritual Gifts

God is calling His followers to steward the gifts they are given, while using them to bring Him the glory only He deserves.

Session 3 - Trusting God with my Tithe

We are called to trust God with all of our heart, including our tithe.

Session 4 - Stewarding Forgiveness & Reconciliation

Those who have been reconciled to Christ have been given the ministry of reconciliation.

Session 5 - Stewarding Our Story

If we know Jesus as our Lord and Savior, then we have a story to share.

Session 6 - Stewarding A Legacy

We can steward the resources that God has provided in such a manner that we can leave a legacy beyond our lifetime.

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What You'll Gain

Application For Your Life

Depended Faith: Insights into living a life entirely devoted to Christ, covering aspects from spiritual gifts to

Practical Application: Steps to incorporate these teachings into your life, enhancing both your spiritual journey and your impact on others.

Community Connection:  Opportunities to engage with fellow believers, sharing experiences and growing in faith together.

For just $25, you’re invited to embark on this enriching
study designed to redefine generosity and stewardship in
your life and community.


Lordship Generosity isn’t just a book. It’s a process that could change the course of our lives and our legacy. Visit the Lordship Generosity site to learn more.

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