What's The Study About?

Practical Stewardship

Dive deep into a transformative study that reshapes your understanding of wealth, giving, and stewardship through a biblical lens.

This 6-part series is not just about managing finances; it’s about aligning your life with God’s purpose and finding true contentment in His provision.

6 Lessons on Biblical Stewardship for only

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Session 3
What's In The Study?

Session Overview

Join us in this enriching study and redefine what true wealth means in God’s kingdom.

Session 1

Am I Offering God My Best?

Session 2

Managing Money and More

Session 3

How Much Is Enough?

Session 4

Stewarding What We Have

Session 5

Stewarding the Talents Entrusted to Us

Session 6

Handling Our God-Given Treasure

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What You'll Gain

Application For Your Life

Deep Insights: Each session provides profound biblical insights into stewardship, generosity, and God’s expectations.

Practical Steps: Concrete actions to apply these lessons in your daily life, enhancing your spiritual and financial well-being.

Community Connection: Opportunities to discuss and share insights with others, building a community of like-minded stewards. Discover the balance between giving and managing resources wisely.

For just $25, you’ll gain access to all six sessions, each designed to challenge and encourage you in your walk of faith and stewardship.


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