What's The Study About?

Lordship Generosity

Step into a life-transforming study designed to deepen your relationship with Christ through every facet of your life.
“Lordship Generosity” is a comprehensive guide for believers, small groups, and churches, available now.

This 6-session series will challenge and inspire you to surrender to Christ in your daily life, stewardship, and legacy.

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Session 1
Spending Time With Jesus

Our fast-paced world makes it difficult to have an ongoing, daily time with Jesus, but He invites us to spend time with Him where we find rest for our souls.

Jesus is at the height of His ministry. He was traveling the region, offering a simple invitation to follow Him. He assured His would-be followers that His teaching was not like that of the Pharisees and Scribes. His teachings were capturing the attention of elite religious leaders as well as everyday individuals.

Session 2
Stewarding Our Spiritual Gifts

God is calling His followers to steward their gifts and use them to bring Him the glory only He deserves.

Peter 1 was written during extreme persecution during the Roman Empire. Peter encouraged followers of Jesus to remain faithful no matter the circumstances and to understand that suffering for the cause of Christ should be expected. Their suffering, however, should result in them being found faithful to fulfill the important mission of proclaiming the gospel.

Session 3
Trusing God With My Tithe

We are called to trust God with all of our hearts, including our tithe.

Wisdom can be viewed as applied knowledge. If someone has knowledge about a subject but does not apply the knowledge, then wisdom is not had. Solomon, the author of this text, was given wisdom from God. One means by which Solomon applied his God-given wisdom was by writing the book of Proverbs.

Session 4
Stewarding Forgiveness & Reconciliation

Those who have been reconciled to Christ have been given the ministry of reconciliation.

This is the second letter from Paul to the church at Corinth. This church had experienced significant strife and dysfunction. Paul addressed this in 1 Corinthians and spent the majority of 2 Corinthians encouraging them in their growth and repentance. The focus of chapter five centers around understanding our longing for our eternal home and proclaiming a message of reconciliation to those who do not know Christ so they may also experience eternal life in heaven.

Session 5
Stewarding Our Story

We have a story to share if we know Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

Some could conclude that Paul was one of the greatest missionaries of all time. He did not, however, start out as a faithful follower of Jesus. Instead, he actively and consistently persecuted those who followed Jesus. His life radically changed when he encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus. Saved by Jesus, the Apostle Paul’s life was radically changed, which led him to no longer persecute Christians but instead proclaim the message of salvation in Jesus Christ alone.

Session 6
Stewarding A Legacy

We can steward the resources that God has provided in such a manner that we can leave a legacy beyond our lifetime.

This is the second letter we have from Paul to the church at Corinth. We learn in 2 Cor. 1:7 that the church was undergoing persecution and suffering. This circumstance, however, did not hinder the church from striving to faithfully fulfill the calling that God had placed upon them.