At the TBF…

We are proud to serve Tennessee Baptist churches and associations in building strong bridges to the future by providing the following services:

We are proud to serve Tennessee Baptist churches and associations in building strong bridges to the future by providing the following services:

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If your church is growing, the TBF can help you get a low cost loan to build or remodel existing facilities.

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The TBF uses their in house experience and network of experts to help churches establish planned giving programs which help them plan for the future.

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These funds are set aside by the TN Baptist Foundation to come alongside churches who need supportive funding for special special projects and initiatives.

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Check out the TBF’s latest workshops and seminars to see how they can teach your church by sharing their expertise

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ChurchEXCEL is designed to assist churches in their stewardship journeys by providing the following resources: webinars, electronic tax guides, eBooks, toolboxes, podcasts, and more. By becoming a member, you will receive access to all the resources provided by ECFA. And best of all, its FREE!

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Ministry Funds Management

The Foundation offers financial management services for the churches, associations, and institutions of the Tennessee Baptist Convention.

From short-term “rainy day” funds to long-term endowments, the Foundation manages a variety of funds for its clients.

Utilizing a full spectrum of investments, the Foundation crafts unique strategies appropriate to each client, all while adhering to a strict investment policy to ensure that the investments align with the social convictions of Tennessee Baptists (see Investment Policy Statement here).

For these services, the Foundation does charge an investment management fee.

For current clients that would like to make a withdrawal from their fund, please download and send in the Fund Withdrawal Request Form.


Building and Expansion Loans

At the Foundation…

We offer loans to Tennessee Baptist churches and organizations. Whether you’re ready to build, renovate, refinance or fund projects, our seasoned staff is here to guide you.

Through our preferred lender, WatersEdge Ministry Services, we offer competitive financing with compelling benefits, including:

  • Attractive Terms and Rates
  • Low Closing Costs
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • Convenient Online Application
  • Minimal Paperwork
  • Interest Reinvested in Kingdom Causes

Our goal is to deliver the most cost-efficient, hassle-free loan anywhere. And unlike traditional lenders, the interest from your Foundation loan is poured back into Kingdom causes.


Planned Giving Programs

Planned giving is the process by which individuals establish future gifts to the organizations and causes that mean the most to them. These gifts can include everything from cash, appreciated stocks and securities, real estate, business interests, life insurance policies, retirement plans, and so much more.

Planned gifts provide a unique opportunity for philanthropic individuals to set assets aside to be given to the organization of their choosing in their lifetime or after death. There are many tax benefits that go along with creating planned gifts that can maximize the gift and/or minimize its impact on the donor’s estate.

How the TBF helps build Planned Giving Programs

Through individual consultation, the TBF can help your church create a planned giving program built around your needs and future plans. The Foundation has expertise in house and a network of Christian Financial Planners and attorneys that can assist your church and its members in evaluating assets that can help you plan gifts to impact tomorrow.


Special Project Grants

The Tennessee Baptist Foundation offers grants to churches and associations for special projects that need supplementary capital.

Grants must be related to the work of a Tennessee Baptist church, entity, or institution that is in cooperation with the Tennessee Baptist Convention (TBC) or related to a US or international body that is in partnership with the TBC.

The project must be a new  initiative of the church, a revitalization effort of the church, or an evangelistic project. Grants are not available for personnel expenses, capital campaigns or building projects. The grant cannot be for the full costs of the project but is instead designed to supplement existing funds from other sources in support of the project.

Grant awards can be no greater than $10,000 and cannot be for more than 50% of the total cost of the project. An organization can only receive a grant every three years. An award of a Special Project Grant is not guaranteed and is made at the absolute discretion of the Tennessee Baptist Foundation.

Please complete and submit the form below to be considered for these Special Project funds. 


About Our Speakers

We have decades of experience with faith-based estate planning and would love to come alongside your church through sharing the importance of leaving a legacy.


Bill Gruenewald



Workshops and Seminars

The Tennessee Baptist Foundation provides…

Valuable Faith-Based Estate Planning Workshops & Seminars at no cost for Tennessee Baptist Churches. Below are some examples of the most popular speaking topics, but we can create customized workshops to fit the specific needs of your church. Contact us for more details.