Tennessee Baptist Foundation
Special Project Grant Requests


The intent of this program is to assist Tennessee Baptist church, entity, or institution

that is in cooperation with the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board (TBMB) to provide

assistance with projects that will have an impact on Kingdom growth.  The project 

must be a new initiative of the church that will assist in the ministry of the

church.  These grants are not available for personnel expenses, capital campaigns,

building projects or ongoing programs of the ministry. 


In keeping with the purpose and intent of the TBF Special Grants Program the following

projects will not be eligible for grant funding through the TBF.


  • Requests for individuals.
  • Requests to fund non-Southern Baptist Convention projects unless sponsored

by a TBMB affiliated organization.

  • Requests to fund ongoing staff/personnel expenses.
  • Requests to fund ongoing programs that are part of the annual budgeted expenses

of the church/organization making the request.


Funding Request Expense

The purpose of the grant is to supplement the existing funds of the applicant to assist with

support for the project.  The applicant must have 50% of the funding to receive the grant funds. Grant awards can be no greater than $10,000 and no more than 50% of the total cost of the project. An award to a specific church/organization can be received not more than once every three years.


Special Project Grant Request Application

All request for grant funding must be in writing.  A Tennessee Baptist Foundation – Special Projects Grant Form Application must be completed and submitted to the TBF office for consideration. (Forms may be found on the TBF website )


  • The application requirements include a detailed statement of project purpose and

how this will assist the church/organization in impacting Kingdom growth initiatives.

  • As stated on the application, the applicant must fund at least 50% of the grant request.
  • The applicant request recipient must provide a follow up report that details how the award dollars were dispersed. If this follow-up report is not received, the organization will not be eligible for future awards.
  • An award of a Special Project Grant is not guaranteed and is made at the absolute discretion of the Tennessee Baptist Foundation.
  • Copy of the organization’s Operating Budget for the year.



  • The following documentation must be submitted with each application:

    1. Annual Organization Budget
    2. Budget for project in which funding is requested

    Applications will NOT be considered for grant funding until ALL required supporting documentation is submitted.


    1. Grant applications must be submitted in full in order to receive consideration for funding.
    2. Grant request awards will fund no more than 50% of total project/ministry costs
    3. Grant award recipients will be notified by email as to approval of this application.
    4. Award recipients must submit a follow-up accountability statement that provides details as to how the award monies were disbursed.
    5. The Tennessee Baptist Foundation reserves the right to publish names of grant recipients in Foundation literature, on the Foundation’s website, in Foundation advertisements, or in news stories in Baptist or other publications.

    Please note that only organizations in cooperation with the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board are eligible to apply for and to receive a grant. Please see the Tennessee Baptist Foundation website for complete details regarding eligibility.

    Return completed application and any attachments to: Tennessee Baptist Foundation

    PO Box 682789 Franklin, TN 37068

    Telephone: 615-371-2029

    Email: ttanner@tnbaptist.org

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