Last month we discussed making a New Year’s resolution to create a legacy ministry in your church and what that would mean for your church. For review, a legacy ministry is:

A way to expand the stewardship conversation with believers beyond tithes and offerings. It’s a tool by which Christ followers plan their estates to not only take care of their families at death, but to also establish a legacy that supports the work of the Kingdom—through the local church and beyond.

Studies reveal when a person makes a contribution from securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.), total contributions to churches and other nonprofit organizations increase at a greater rate than from gifts of just cash. Most of the time these are larger gifts, and they are not from assets we typically utilize each month for our household operating expenses. These types of gifts can feel smaller when compared to a cash gift. Most of the time we do not think about these assets when we think about giving, but when we do, it reminds us of the wealth we have that has been provided to us by God.

By creating a legacy ministry in your church, you are helping members think about the legacy they can leave for future generations to propagate the Gospel and make a significant impact for the Kingdom of God. There are several other benefits for the church as well, including:

This type of ministry provides benefits to members who make contributions as well, including:

As a leader, how do you begin a legacy ministry? The Tennessee Baptist Foundation (TBF) is here to help you walk through the process by:

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