Post: Impacting Future Generation for Kingdom Impact

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In this edition of Touching Tomorrow, we congratulate the 215 recipients of the Tennessee Baptist Foundation Grants and Scholarships for the 2015-16 academic year. All of these students have met the requirements for our scholarship with a proven record of academic success and ministry involvement. We are delighted to share these names with you, not only to honor them, but so that you can pray for them as they continue their education. These students represent a cross section of Tennessee Baptist life. They come from different parts of the state, representing Tennessee Baptist churches of all sizes with educational emphasis in a variety of degree programs, which include, preparing for Full-time Christian ministry positions, teaching, doctors and nurses, or working in business. Because of this cross section, these students are poised to make a significant Kingdom Impact in the marketplace. That is what our scholarship program is all about – impacting students so they can impact the world! Since 1987, the Tennessee Baptist Foundation has awarded 6,976 scholarships totaling $4.7 million dollars. How is this made possible? By the generous giving of Tennessee Baptists who believed in students and left money from their estates in trust to the Foundation for our scholarship program. We want to invite you to be one of those folks who want to help students make a Kingdom impact. If you have this desire, please contact us so that we can help you design an estate plan that includes scholarships for Tennessee Baptist students. We have the wonderful opportunity today to impact the world for years to come. Don’t procrastinate! Consider a Christian Estate plan that includes helping students be all that God is calling them to be!

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