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TBF Year End Guide To Charitable Giving 2023

Your Guide to 2023 Year-End Charitable Giving

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What Does the SECURE Act 2.0 Mean for You?

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Your Guide to Year-End Charitable Giving [2022 Update]

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Why You Need to Know What’s in Your Estate

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Fund the work you believe in with an IRA Charitable Rollover

Should You Set Up a Charitable Remainder Trust?

Christian Estate Planning – Why is it so important?

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10 for Tenn | An investment with eternal impact

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Christian Estate Planning: Create a Legacy Giving Ministry

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Investing Involves More Than Dollars & Cents at the TBF

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Operation Legacy Benefitting Pastors

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Advance Care Directive: More Comprehensive Than A Living Will

Bobby Bowden in 2007, in the Florida House of Representatives

Bobby Bowden Leaves a Legacy Worth Remembering

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Steward Your Blessings Well with Faith-Based Estate Planning

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Church Fund Management

COVID-19 Protocols

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Why Your Church Should Have a Legacy Ministry

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What is a Last Will and Testament?

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Your Guide to 2020 Year-End Charitable Giving

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Will Your Loved One’s Bank Accept Your Power of Attorney?

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3 Risks of Joint Bank Accounts You Might Not Know About

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The charitable remainder trust (CRT) is a multipurpose tool

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3 Ways to Build A Culture of Generosity in Your Church

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What Legal Documents Does An 18-Year-Old Need?

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How an Estate Plan Brings Peace in a Pandemic

Church Excel: Practical Help from the Experts on church accounting and reporting, financial policies, pastor compensation planning, budgeting, board oversight, and much more

Free Church Finances Resource for TN Baptist Churches

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Supporting Kingdom work and getting a tax break

The Spiritual Practice of Estate Planning

The Spiritual Practice of Estate Planning

New Year Countdown

Your Guide to 2019 Charitable Giving

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Revocable Living Trusts


How to Ease the Burden of End-of-Life Care Decisions

Estate planning vs. a will

Powers of Attorney

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3 Reasons Estate Stewardship is Beneficial for the Local Church

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What is a Last Will and Testament?

Next Generation

Bless the Next Generation

Good Stewards

We are Called to be Good Stewards

12 Planning Resources and Tools

Don’t Forget About the Beneficiary Designations

Estate Planning for the Blended Family

Estate Planning for the Blended Family

Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunities


Why Understanding Your Assets is Crucial to a Successful Estate Plan

Make a Change

Increase Giving Through Qualified Charitable Distributions

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The Danger of the Joint Bank Account

Start a Legacy

Your 2019 New Year’s Resolution: Start a Legacy Ministry in Your Church — Part 2


Make a 2019 New Year’s Resolution: Start a Legacy Ministry in Your Church

Happy New Year 2019

3 Reasons to Make Estate Planning Your Easiest New Year’s Resolution

Keys to a Plan

3 Reasons Every Christian Needs an Estate Plan

Culture and Generosity

3 Tips to Build A Culture of Generosity in Your Church


The Queen of Soul and The Bandit: A Tale of Two Estates

Bridge the Gap

Bridging the Gap with Planned Giving

Estate planning vs. a will

The Difference Between an Estate Plan and a Will

Giving and the Church

Why is Planned Giving Important to the Church?


Will New Tax Legislation Affect Giving At My Church?

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The Power of Stewardship


IRA Charitable Roll Over Extended for 2016 and Future Years

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What to Do with Appreciated Property

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Impacting Future Generation for Kingdom Impact

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Foundation Can Help Grow Church Funds