Individual FAQs

Individual Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for general and advanced care plan questions.

General Questions

Is there a charge for the services of the Tennessee Baptist Foundation?

The Foundation does not charge for its Faith-Based Estate Planning Seminar nor for personal consultations with Tennessee Baptists who desire to include a Baptist cause within their Last Wills and Testaments. The Foundation does charge an annual cost-recovery fee of 0.25% (.0025) for its fund management services.

Do you manage money for individuals?

Yes. An individual must establish a revocable trust in which at some point a Baptist cause of their choosing must benefit from a portion of the trust.

What is a trust?

An agreement to manage assets during life or after death.

May withdrawals be made from revocable trusts? If so, how long does it take to process them?

Yes. Withdrawals are possible. The accounting department requests a 30-day notice if possible in order to avoid early withdrawal penalties on investments.

How often are written reports furnished?

Reports may be generated monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

How many funds does the Tennessee Baptist Foundation have under management?

Approximately 1200.

What tax reporting is provided by the Foundation?

All required tax reporting is done in a timely manner.

How does the Foundation provide for the safekeeping of legal documents for wills and trusts?

All documents are kept in a fireproof  filing cabinets.

Advance Care Plan

What is an Advance Care Plan?

An Advance Care Plan lets those persons caring for you know what you want and how you want to be treated when you have a terminal illness and are unconscious or too sick to communicate. This document is only effective when you are too sick or injured to speak for yourself and when doctors believe you will dies unless provided the assistance of machines or aggressive treatment. Your Advance Care Plan will not apply if there is a reasonable chance that you can be restored to health.

When should I sign an Advance Care Plan?

Now. Talk with your doctor, family and friends about your wishes before you have a life-threatening illness or injury.

Where should my Advance Care Plan be kept?

Family members, your doctors and anyone else you want to make your wishes known to should have copies of your Advance Care Plan. Keep a copy with your other important papers. it is not a good idea to put it in your lockbox. You might keep a note in your wallet that tells where your Advance Care Plan is kept.

May I change or cancel my Advance Care Plan?

Yes. You may do this at any time – orally or in writing.

Can you suggest a way to alert others that I have a Advance Care Plan?

Yes. Click here to download a notification card for healthcare professionals.

Can I download a valid Tennessee Advance Care Plan form?

Yes. Click here.

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