Faith-Based Estate Planning

Estate Plan Essentials

An Estate Plan encompasses three main categories of documents: Last Will and Testament, Powers of Attorney, and Advance Care Directives (Living Will).

1. Last Will and Testament

A Last Will and Testament is a legal document that declares how property will be managed and distributed after a person’s death. It is essential for people to draft a Will to ensure that their assets are handled in a proper fashion. The Foundation can assist you in putting together a Faith-Based Estate Plan provided that a portion of your estate benefits a Baptist cause.

Just complete the Estate Planning Worksheet and submit this to the Foundation. We will contact you and help you in preparation of your Last Will and Testament. Download the form here.

2. Powers of Attorney

A Durable General Power of Attorney is a document that protects your interests in the event you become incapacitated or unable to make decisions. Everyone needs two of these Powers of Attorney, one for Financial matters and one for Healthcare matters.

The Foundation can assist you in getting these documents prepared. Just complete the Estate Planning Worksheet and submit this to us. Download the form here.

3. Advance Care Plan (Living Will)

In Tennessee, the “Living Will” is now called the Advance Care Plan. This document is used when a person has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and allows the individual to express their desires regarding important decisions for end of life issues when they are unable to speak for themselves. This document allows your family and medical professionals how you would like to be treated at the end of life. It also allows a person to select a Health Care Agent to be their Health Care Power of Attorney.

All one has to do is fill out the Advance Care Plan form and print. It needs to be either witnessed by two individuals or notarized to be valid. Make sure that your family and your physician have a copy of this form. Download the form here.

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