What’s Your Legacy?

Faith-based estate planning seminar

Join us at Upper Helton Baptist Church for a free catered dinner and presentation on how to leave a legacy through faith-based estate planning. RSVP by entering your information below by Saturday, 2/29.

Date & Time:
Saturday, 3/7 at 5:00pm

Upper Helton Baptist Church
217 Upper Helton Rd., Alexandria, TN 37012

Through this presentation on How to Leave a Personal Legacy, you will:

  • Become Familiar with planned giving: The Tennessee Baptist Foundation will provide in-depth guidance surrounding the significance of planned giving, the variety of ways in which you can give, and an overview of the steps involved in establishing a planned giving program.
  • Gain Confidence in managing your estate: Feel empowered to determine your personal goals with estate planning and move forward in your estate planning journey with confidence.
  • Expand Kingdom impact: Be inspired and equipped to make the most of your personal legacy to expand your Kingdom impact, even beyond your lifetime.

RSVP by Saturday, 2/29