What’s Your Legacy

Having an estate plan in place provides the opportunity to be intentional about the kind of legacy we leave, including its impact for the Kingdom of God. But just because you have a plan doesn’t necessarily mean your resources will be used in a way that advances the Kingdom of God. If you truly want to leave a powerful personal legacy, it’s important to specify how those assets are used and determine how they will best impact the next generation of believers, leaving behind an influence of which you can be proud. The Tennessee Baptist Foundation can help you do that.

Through this presentation on How to Leave a Personal Legacy, you will:

-Become Familiar with Planned Giving: Tennessee Baptist Foundation will provide in-depth guidance surrounding the significance of planned giving, the variety of ways in which you can give, and an overview of the steps involved in establishing a planned giving program.

-Gain Confidence in Managing Your Estate: Feel empowered to determine your personal goals with estate planning and move forward in your estate planning journey with confidence.

-Expand Kingdom Impact: Be inspired and equipped to make the most of your personal legacy to expand your Kingdom impact, even beyond your lifetime.

To learn more about advancing the Kingdom of God by leaving a powerful personal legacy, contact us below for more details!

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