Get Started Planning For Your Future

Sometimes the words “estate plan” can seem like they are best suited for folks in a later stage of life, perhaps with a safe full of family jewels or mansion to bequeath. But in the simplest terms, an estate plan is actually just a set of directives for what will happen to your assets after you pass away. Often it isn’t until we experience some kind of major life-change — marriage, parenthood or even finding a great job — that we feel prompted to get started planning for the future, but there’s no need to wait for a milestone. Though it can be overwhelming to think about, particularly for young adults, the Tennessee Baptist Foundation can walk you through the process of creating an estate plan, step by step, to make sure it not only aligns with your personal goals but is used to further the Kingdom of God.

Through the knowledge gained in this estate planning presentation, young adults will:

-Remove the Obstacles: Gain a deeper understanding of estate planning and how it relates to discipleship, so the idea becomes no longer intimidating, but exciting.

-Be Equipped to Establish a Legacy: Learn how estate planning enables you to be a blessing to both your family members and future generations of believers.

-Expand Kingdom Impact: Determine how to best steward your estate to glorify God and recognize the unique opportunity it offers to expand your Kingdom impact, even beyond your lifetime.

To learn more about the importance of getting an early start on planning for your future, contact us below for more details!

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