Workshops and Seminars

The Tennessee Baptist Foundation provides other valuable services to Tennessee Baptist individuals and institutions. Some of those services include:


These seminars are offered for free to TBC churches.

“Early Estate Planning for Kingdom Gains”

A workshop for young parents who are ready to learn the first steps about financial wellness and planning for the future.

“Preparing for Life After Work”

A workshop for adults who are preparing for retirement and ready to learn about the steps they will need to take to create an estate plan that will prepare them for the future.

“How to Leave a Legacy”

A workshop for retired adults who are ready to create a faith-based estate plan or modify legal documents. This presentation outlines the possibilities and potential pitfalls of the legal process.

Custom workshops and seminars for churches and church-related groups

The TBF speakers have decades of experience with faith-based estate planning and are able to create custom seminars/workshops based on the needs of individual groups. Contact us for more details.


“Distinctively Christian personal estate plans”

Again, this is a free service to those who are considering a bequest to some Baptist cause.

“Preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney”

The foundation is equipped to work with an excellent attorney on your behalf to have your legal documents prepared. The client’s only financial obligation is to the attorney for his or her services.

“Charitable Trusts Assistance”

Assisting individuals in their establishment of charitable trusts to benefit both themselves and/or their families and ultimately to benefit Kingdom causes . A charitable trust provides a tax deduction to the grantor, income to the grantor or to whomever the grantor makes beneficiary of the trust, and ultimately income to the charitable cause(s) selected by the grantor.