Special Project Grants

The Tennessee Baptist Foundation offers grants to churches and associations for special projects that need supplementary capital.

Special Project Grants Guidelines

Projects must be related to the work of a Tennessee Baptist church, entity, or institution that is in cooperation with the Tennessee Baptist Convention or related to a US or international body that is in partnership with the Tennessee Baptist Convention. The project may be a new initiative or a revitalization initiative of these groups. The grant cannot be for the full costs of the project but is instead designed to supplement existing funds from other sources in support of the project. An award of a Special Project Grant is not guaranteed and is made at the absolute discretion of the Tennessee Baptist Foundation.

The Tennessee Baptist Foundations staff will screen all requests for funds to see that the request conforms to these guidelines and will then forward these requests to the Executive Committee of the Foundation for approval or denial.

Apply for a Grant

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Please email completed applications to tbf@tnbaptist.org or mail to PO Box 728 Brentwood, TN 37024

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